A barbecue pit is nothing without a Pit Master. Our Pit Masters, our Owner Operators, are true artisans who smoke all their meats low and slow every night, to serve hot and fresh to their guests every day. Dickey’s Barbecue Pit wouldn’t be who we are today without our Pit Masters. Meet some of these hardworking folks who smoke and serve great barbecue every day while building up their local communities.

Rene Bassett

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"Before I invested with Dickey’s I researched several barbecue concepts. I knew I wanted to add a barbecue restaurant to my portfolio and I went with Dickey’s because the product was high-quality and simple. I currently own seven Dickey’s locations with my brother, and we have been in business with Dickey’s for seven years. We kept seeing great success with each store opening, so we kept coming back for more. Overall, Dickey’s has evolved to meet the needs of today’s guests with advances such as online ordering and third party sales, which is great for attracting new people to try our barbecue. Sales trends come and go, but quality food is what keeps us steady."

Ryan Wenrich , 7 locations since 2010

Image of Dale Smith
Dale Smith
Allen, TX
Image of Erik Forrest
Erik Forrest
Phoenix, AZ
Image of Gina Young
Gina Young
Olympia, WA
Image of Justin Harris
Justin Harris
Hattiesburg, MS
Image of Tom Ryan Wenrich
Ryan Wenrich
Kansas City, MO
Image of Tom Tiffany Oder
Tiffany Oder
Mesa, AZ
Image of Tom Ronnie Baucom
Ronnie Baucom
Waco, TX
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Shane Ables
Coppell, TX
Brandon Philp
Brandon Philp
Camp Hill, PA
Brandon McBrier
Brandon McBrier
Erie, PA
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Mike Gebrael
San Bernardino, CA
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Hannah and Revis Jarnagin
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Jing Krzeszinzski
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Joshua Jones
Skyler Jones
Skyler Jones
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Eduardo Gonzales
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Alexander Hill
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Keith Austin