It’s not legit without the pit

It’s not legit without the pit! The barbecue pit is the essence of every Dickey’s location. All of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit meats are smoked low and slow every night, over Hickory wood to give our barbecue the signature smoke flavor that truly makes us Legit. Texas. Barbecue.

The Wood

Every Dickey’s Barbecue has a wood burning pit inside each location nationwide. Our barbecue is legit because of the pit! For the wood to do its job, and smoke meat the Dickey’s way, it needs to burn long, low and slow.

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Hardwood vs. Pellets

Dickey’s has traditionally used hardwood in every pit, but recently incorporated a new pellet smoker to reduce the carbon footprint while still providing that same great taste. The pellets themselves are Dickey’s proprietary invention and use a unique blend of hickory and cherry wood to maximize flavor.

The age and type of the pit as well as the style of the Pit Master develops a special signature unique to the Dickey’s it serves. Some Dickey’s locations still use hardwood, and some use pellets. But all Dickey’s locations have the signature slow-smoked flavor that guests have grown to know and love over 75 years.

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