At Dickey’s we like to call it a barbecue revival. We’re continuing the old style of barbecue using new style pits. Once upon a time they actually dug pits in the ground to smoke meats. Then when above ground pits were developed, the old-school name stuck around. Today the expertise of the Dickey’s Pit Masters are the heart and soul of your experience. They look after the meat while it’s in the pit, on the block and onto your plate. They have the honor of greeting you the second you walk in. They take care of the meat; they take care of the guests.

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Dickey’s sources only the highest quality meats. Hand-selected, hand-rubbed, antibiotic-free with a menu that features Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket, Chicken Breast, Polish Kielbasa Sausage, Jalapeño Cheddar Kielbasa, Turkey, and Pork Ribs. Meats with No B.S. (Bad Stuff).

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Slow-smoked and served hot. That’s how it’s done. True barbecue is a generous portion of protein smoked for a long period of time. This helps break down the fat inside the meats and adds unique smoke flavor to the meat. The smoke also provides a unique bark to the meat which adds a beautiful internal smoke ring.

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The passion and care that is put into smoking our meats is also put into serving our guests. Delicious meats, savory sides, our now-famous buttery rolls, three types of barbecue sauce, assorted desserts and our classic Big Yellow Cup which you see everywhere.

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Mr. Dickey Cookbook

Here’s an indispensable compilation of favorite recipes from the original Pit Master himself, Mr. Roland Dickey. First published in 2012, this hardcover guide to the best genuine Texas recipes. From smoked brisket and barbecue beans to smothered steak and grilled Gulf Shrimp. It’s three generations of Dickey’s family recipes and the family’s personal favorites.

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