Our Story

Man made fire in the beginning....and let it smoke. A man named Dickey lit his first barbecue pit in 1941 and let it smoke...beginning this journey.

Before there were major highways in Dallas, Mr. Travis Dickey found a plot of land off the North Central Railroad and opened a barbecue stand. Why was it called a barbecue stand? Because the place was so small people literally had to stand. In fact, if you visit the first location (still smoking today at the corner of North Central Expressway & Henderson) you'll see the 3 individual school desks used as original seating.

Our menu was limited. Brisket or ham sandwiches, chips and your choice of ice-cold beer, Dr. Pepper or milk. Mr. Dickey's sons TD & Roland grew one store into the barbecue franchise it is today and people found the food always good, always fast and always with a side of saucy, southern hospitality. Eventually, instead of just talking about the weather, people started talking about opening their own Dickey's Barbecue Pit; and the Dickey family listened asking the best folks to join the family and open their own Dickey's restaurant.

Travis Dickey’s grandson, Roland Dickey Jr., has grown our family to more than 500 locations nationwide and almost 360 family members, who are each the local Owner Operator of their Dickey’s franchise. In 2018, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit became an international brand by opening our first overseas location in the Middle East. We're built on that same passion for people, for our practice and for the art of great barbecue that started this journey in 1941. This place is dedicated to telling that story – what makes Dickey's Barbecue Pit not just the biggest barbecue franchise in the world, but also the best – The Practice. The Pit. The People.

You can learn more about the Dickey’s Barbecue Pit story here.

Dickey standing in front of a dickeys bbq shop in the year 1941

1941: First location opens in Dallas

Dickey's bbq store today

2017: Fourth generation interior store design