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Our barbecue isn’t just slow smoked for individual indulgence, but rather crafted to bring communities and neighbors together. Franchisees are the table makers of their community and know that no matter where they set the table, care and passion are always served first. Local involvement is a value that all franchisees embody and demonstrate through initiatives such as, Dickey’s Delivers to Teachers, the Dickey Foundation and many others. Highlighted are snapshots from a few of our barbecue trailblazers, who have transformed themselves into hometown heroes with a just a little barbecue sauce, a smoke pit and some love.

Serving those who serve us is what inspired one of Dickey’s training specialists and the general managers of three local North Texas stores to stop by their community fire station to donate meals in support of their first responders.

Victoria, TX Owner/Operator Kevin Ferrall and his Pit Crew recently did a Big Yellow Cup drop prior to their September 19th store opening. Welcome to the Dickey’s Barbecue family!

Denver, CO Owner/Operator Chris Kynck and his Pit Boss Ken Sheely recently celebrated their store opening on September 5th. They are both very excited to make Barbecue go BOOM! Welcome to the Dickey’s family!

Multi-store Owner/Operator Brandon Gerrick who operates stores in Broomfield and Thornton, CO recently visited with CEO Laura Rea Dickey and Dean of Barbecue University Chris Kelley. Keep serving up that Legit. Texas. Barbecue to the great people of Colorado, Brandon and Pit Crews!

Elizabeth Thompson-Barrett of Louisville, CO and her General Manager Caleb are pictured in their store with CEO Laura Rea Dickey and Dean of Barbecue University Chris Kelley. Thank you for all your hard work and staying Always on ‘Cue!

Owner/Operator Datshiri Sherpa and crew members are pictured with CEO Laura Rea Dickey and Dean of Barbecue University Chris Kelley during a recent store visit at their Centennial, CO store. This crew is working hard to bring the ‘Cue to you, Colorado!

Multi store Owner/Operator Larry Volf is joined by his outstanding GM Chris, CEO Laura Rea Dickey and Dean of Barbecue University Chris Kelley. Larry and his crews are loving making Barbecue Go BOOM all over the great state of Colorado.

While making Barbecue go BOOM in Arizona, multi-store Owner/Operator Sam Beydoun and his Pit Crew enjoy a quick break and a visit from CEO Laura Rea Dickey and Dean of Barbecue University Chris Kelley. Sam and his Pit Crew are passionate about serving their guests authentic Texas-style barbecue!

Owner/Operator Gary Kolm from Longmont, CO is pictured here with his awesome Pit Crew along with CEO Laura Rea Dickey and Dean of Barbecue University Chris Kelley. Gary is approaching his three-year anniversary with Dickey’s. Keep up the great work Gary and here’s to many more!

Owner/Operator Lonnie Shere in front of the newly re-opened Dickey’s Barbecue Pit in Little Rock, AR. We are so thrilled to have you and your Pit Crew as a part of the Dickey’s family!

Windsor, CO Owner/Operator Jon Hockhalter and his crew recently delivered a generous, catering donation to the Windsor Fire Department 1. His wife Sara Hockhalter and crew member Diane Hornbeck are pictured here with the chief and members of the WFD. Dickey's Barbecue is very grateful for all these servicemen and women.

Bill Zimmerman has a passion for giving back to his community and demonstrates his commitment to serving others by by offering uniformed first responders 50% off their meal at all of his Dickey’s locations and sponsors several USO events by donating his Texas-style barbecue. In addition to supporting first responders, Bill also offers an internship program for intellectually disabled students allowing them to develop real-world business skills. Zimmerman also serves on the school’s Culinary Advisory Board and helps conduct mock interviews with local students. With all his good works, Bill has made a name for local Dickey’s as not only the go-to barbecue place, but also a brand and a team that truly cares about the community.

Good Works

The Dickey Foundation

Since 1941, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit has taken great pride in our Texas style barbecue and our commitment to the communities we serve. It is in that spirit, that The Dickey Foundation was created. The Dickey Foundation supports first responders who protect and unite our communities. Our Foundation is national, but our efforts are intensely local, focusing on financial support, public education and providing the equipment necessary for the safety of our first responders .