It’s not legit without the pit

It’s not legit without the pit! The barbecue pit is the essence of every Dickey’s franchise. All of the meat at each Dickey’s restaurant across the world is smoked low and slow every night, to give our barbecue the signature smoky flavor that truly makes us Legit. Texas. Barbecue.

The Wood

Every Dickey’s Barbecue Pit location has a wood burning pit, which we consider the heart of our restaurant. There are a variety of wood options that can be used in our pits, but for the flavor we love, our Dickey’s locations use Hickory. For our pits to do their job well, each Dickey’s Owner Operator must smoke their meat the Dickey’s way—low and slow.

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Woodchips vs. Pellets

Dickey’s has traditionally used woodchips in every Pit, but recently incorporated a new pellet smoker to reduce the carbon footprint while still providing the same great taste. The pellets themselves are Dickey’s proprietary pellets and use hickory wood to maximize Dickey’s authentic flavor.

The age and type of the Pit as well as the style of the Pit Master determines whether the Dickey’s restaurant uses woodchips or pellets. Today, some Dickey’s Owner Operators still use woodchips, and some now use our new pellets. Whichever type of wood is used, Dickey’s guests receive the same great flavor from location to location.

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